Saturday, September 12, 2009

Audacity of Help A "Must Buy"

This is a gracious review from the website Black Men in America:

Reviewed by Gary A. Johnson

What a timely book. The Audacity of Help by John F. Wasik is one of the most comprehensive books about Barack Obama’s Economic Plan and his vision for America. Wasik is no slouch. Unlike many so-called experts, Wasik is uniquely qualified to write this book having spent time studying and following President Obama for years.

Given all of the media attention to the President’s economic plan and the distortions and misrepresentations about the President and his policies, The Audacity of Help is a comprehensive and yet easy to understand breakdown of Barack Obama’s economic plan and challenges for America.

The Audacity of Help is like reading a history book. The author provides charts and blueprints about packages passed by Congress and allows you to understand the bills and what they really mean. Wasik also takes a look at how the President’s policies will affect health care, education, the environment and taxes.

Each chapter is clearly structured to show “what Congress passed,” and “who benefits most,” on issues such as Unemployment Insurance Benefits, COBRA, Home Energy Credits, Early Childhood Education, and more.

This book is no joke. It deals with issues that matter to all Americans.

For me the best part of the book are the thought-provoking questions. These questions forced me to think about the impact these policies will have on my family now and in the future. For example:

* How will it stimulate the worst economy in a generation?
* Who will gain?
* Who will lose?
* What are his plans for reviving public education, small business, the environment, credit reform, health care, homeownership and entitlement programs?
* Which industries will benefit?
* What new jobs will be created?

This book appears to leave no stone unturned as it also compares the President’s plan with the New Deal.

Honestly, reading the book I felt as if I was studying toward an economic degree and liking it. And I hate math and economics, but I could not put this book down. The current economic climate and the author’s knowledge about the economic plan are a great match.

When President Obama took office, banks were severely impaired, companies were cutting pensions, and market disruptions and unemployment left more than 45 million people without health insurance or retirement security.

The book end asking the $64,000 dollar question: Who will pay?

The soaring national debt begs the question: How will this money be paid back? According to author Wasik, the Obamanomics mission will ultimately lead to President Obama being judged on how well his can restore and maintain prosperity. Or in other words, how will he remake or preserve the American Dream.

If you want to understand what is going on with our country’s economy, THE AUDACITY OF HELP: Obama’s Economic Plan and the Remaking of America (Bloomberg Press, August 2009), is a must-buy.

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