Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Beach Reading

I know what you're thinking. An author who recommends his own books for beach reading! How vain is that? Well, this is not my pick, although I can certainly concur:

Smarter in the Sun

Just because you’re lolling on a beach towel in Delaware Park or at Wendt Beach doesn’t mean your brain should rot. Here are smart summer reads that will broaden your worldview, as they delight your mind and engage your intellect.

1.“ The Merchant of Power:Sam Insull, Thomas Edison, and The Creation of the Modern Metropolis” by John F. Wasik.

New in paperback from Palgrave Macmillan, “The Merchant of Power” is a critically praised examination of the life and career of Sam Insull, the man who rose from humble beginnings as an immigrant to America to become a co-founder of General Electric. In Wasik’s account, Insull was the guiding force in the development of ways to use electric power to illuminate American cities. In this way, Wasik argues, he truly was the “creator of the modern metropolis.”

This was from the Buffalo News, owned by Warren Buffett.

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