Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let's Play Two

Well, opening day at Wrigley Field certainly broke the ice.

After a long, cold, snowy winter, Chicago was ready for it and only a win would suffice.

Fukudome came through with a sizzling bat,

But the closer Howry threw pitches as big as a cat.

Oh well, there's another game on Wednesday

and about 160 after that.

Plenty of peanuts and beer to sell

and crisp cracker jack.

I know, you moan, with the dyspepsia of a true fan --

it's been a century since the Cubs won the series

it's time to end the goat's ban.

Wait a minute, didn't Ernie open the season?

His presence and statue, typos and all, give us a reason

to holler and hoot for DLee, A-Ram and Woody

to play their best and not sleep in.

I'll be up there in the grandstands

with my Dad and my girls,

hope springs eternal

and we come for the thrills.

So let's play two and hit for the ivy

not getting lost in history and South Side rivalry.

For the Cubs aren't always about winning

although that's always a delight

they're there for the epic struggle

and the grit of the fight.

It's doesn't matter what year it is

or if the dugout hosts a Lou or Leo

we have to live in the moment

and not let the past congeal.

It's time to play ball and get in the game

throw back those homers and go insane,

for the Cubs are an illness

of which there's no cure

baseball is zen, of that much I'm sure.

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